bhol - silver edition

The Peter Hess® Sangha meditation singing bowl is often used for meditation or sound journeys. It is characterized by a long-lasting, room-filling sound and has a wide frequency spectrum. The Sangha meditation singing bowl Premium Quality M9 is included. It weighs approx. 900 g and has a diameter of approx. 20 cm.
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bhol Sound work for resonance and mindfulness every day.

  • Base plate and beater holder  Solid wood .
  • Sound mechanism made of anodized aluminum
  • Holder for mallets with a 16 mm shaft diameter
  • Designed for singing bowls with a diameter of 20 - 30 cm and a height of 10 - 15 cm. Low heights possible with additional coasters.
  • Peter Hess® Felt mallet, hard
  • 12 volts Power supply (220 volts)
  • Setting the functions with bhol iPhone app (from iOS 16), free in the Apple App Store

    The base plate, the mallet holder and parts of the stop mechanism are made of solid, naturally oiled ash. All of the wood we use for bhol comes from sustainable local forestry. The aluminum of the stop system is anodized black. Wood is a natural product. Differences in color and structure are due to the uniqueness of the material.

    • Size of the base plate 40 cm long x 21 cm wide
    • Height 14 cm
    • Beater holder 16 mm
    • Input voltage 12 volts
    • Current consumption maximum 1 amp
    • Current consumption in standby 25 milliamperes
    • Drive motor 25 Ncm
    • Connection to smartphone via Bluetooth® LE v4.2
    • iPhone with iOS 16 or later required