The Sound of Now

The soundwork for a life in resonance and mindfulness

bhol is a patented acoustic device that harmonizes the beauty of hand-forged singing bowls and the magic of their vibrational effects with digital convenience and sustainable design. Enrich your life with a new dimension of mindfulness.

Use bhol for your daily meditation practice, as an acoustic anchor to structure your day, as a reminder, or even as an alarm clock. For harmonic resonance and for increased awareness in the here and now.

Entwickelt für
wahrhaftigen Klang

bhol sounds at least as good as a singing bowl struck by hand. Uncompromising acoustic quality was always central to the development of the sound work. The entire frequency range of the shell is addressed. We placed an emphasis on the particularly effective deep resonance spectra.

Voted on your
perception of sound

Do you like long-lasting vibrations in the low frequency range? Or would you like to center yourself through higher tones? Are you looking for clarity in the fundamental tone? Or do you love inspiration from diverse overtones?

We have designed bhol in such a way that a wide range of singing bowls and mallets can be used: e.g. Sangha meditation singing bowls, heart bowls or cymbal bowls.

Einfach und einfach smart in der Nutzung

All functions can be easily controlled with your iPhone using the free bhol app. There are currently 3 main functions: You can use bhol as a timer, as a reminder or as an alarm clock. Once set up, the sound system does not require a connection to the smartphone.

A bhol app for Android is currently in development. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.