Timer, Reminder and WakeUp - the functions of bhol

bhol timer

The sonorous framework for your meditation

Many users use the bohl Timer function to ease yourself out of a meditation in a pleasantly gentle way. Others, on the other hand, focus on the sound during meditation in order to calm the storm of thoughts and let go more easily.

Use the timer for all exercises and practices of silence that require a time sequence: for the stages of a sound journey, for the intervals of your breathing exercises or in your yoga practice for changing asanas.

  • Easily make settings using your smartphone
  • Define starting sounds, ending sounds and intermediate sounds
  • Start the timer and end it early with your smartphone
  • Display the remaining time with your smartphone
  • Save personal timer settings and always
    retrieve again

bhol reminder

Brings the mind into the present

In cultural history, bells are considered to be the oldest musical instruments that played an important role, especially in cultic and religious acts and rites. In Christianity, the bell functions to structure the day, just like the grandfather clock or mantel clock in our parents' room.

Today, when our attention is increasingly external, the bohl Reminder offers us the wonderful opportunity to pause again and again and come into resonance with the singing bowl in the here-and-now. Use the reminder function for this simple practice of daily mindfulness, for example with sounds every hour throughout the day, and enjoy recurring relaxation and harmony.

  • Daily repeating sounds
  • Number of strokes, intervals and velocity can be freely adjusted
  • Selection of active days of the week
  • Activate multiple reminders at the same time
  • Save personal reminder settings and retrieve them again and again

bhol WakeUp

Start the day harmoniously

Thanks to the bhol Wake-up function begins the morning with harmony and contemplation. Repeating sounds gently guide you from the sleep cycle to the wake cycle. Make this a permanent routine and experience how you remember dreams even better and start the day noticeably more balanced.

Additionally, use the bhol alarm function to play several sounds at certain times of the day. Unlike the reminder, which focuses on consistent intervals, the alarm clock allows you to set specific times.

  • Application of the set alarm time daily or on specific days of the week
  • Repeating sounds at alarm time with adjustable interval
  • Switching off repeats on your smartphone or sound system
  • Setting the maximum time for repetitions
  • Save personal settings and retrieve them again and again