Bring the effect of the singing bowl into everyday life

Everything resonates with everything

Klangschalen Klangbad

According to a traditional Indian philosophy, sound (Nada) means so much more than an acoustic phenomenon, more than a sequence of tones, more than noise, more than the vibration of a body and air.

The entire universe is made of sound (Nada Brahma). Everything is in vibration. Everything and everyone are connected through vibration. This fascinating thought also shapes our own spiritual practice and is the main driving force behind the development of bhol.

We are convinced that sound emanates a creative energy. We support our meditation specifically through sound, to achieve a deeper awareness and a deeper connection with ourselves and the world. We are aware of the soothing effect of sound and know its therapeutic effectiveness in bringing body and mind back into harmonic balance.

That's why bhol exists

bhol was developed to bring the soothing effect of singing bowl vibrations more into our daily lives. The acoustic device can be used specifically for meditation or it can simply operate in the 'background', continually centering us anew through the automatically triggered strike of the singing bowl.

bhol stands for long decay times and for an authentically complex sound structure. Mindfulness reminders, sound alarms, or timers available on the market either emit the sound signal electronically only or are severely limited in the choice of singing bowl and in the quality of the strike.

To let the full frequency spectrum of the bowl resonate, we use mallet materials, speeds, and forces for bhol that correspond to those of manual playing styles.

Collaborative development, sustainable manufacturing

bhol Fertigung in der Werkstatt

Each acoustic device is produced with care. Because with bhol, we want to offer you a product that accompanies you for a long time, enabling deep experiences and growth.

Many minds and hearts have supported the development of bhol. The production takes place in our own manufactory 40 km north of Hamburg in the Schleswig-Holstein marshland. For the processing and finishing of individual components, as well as for the assembly of electronic parts, we collaborate with locally based companies.

Sustainability – ideally throughout the entire production process – is close to our heart. The solid wood elements for the base plate and striking mechanism come from certified forestry in Germany. The surfaces are treated exclusively with vegetable natural oil. For the aluminum, we strive to use material with a high recycling content. All materials can be easily separated and recycled.

The felt mallets we use, as well as the optionally available singing bowls, come from the proven, high-quality range of Peter Hess, which has been established for decades.

Ralf Buttgereit – Inventor of the bhol Striking System

Ralf Buttgereit in seiner bhol Werkstatt

For Ralf Buttgereit, many paths led to the singing bowl and later to the invention of bhol.

After studying precision engineering in Kiel and several years in software development, he founded alphadock in the early 2000s, specializing in interactive exhibition exhibits for museums and app development in healthcare.

alphadock developed the iPhone app "i-Qi Singing Bowl Alarm Clock," with more than 250,000 downloads to date, making it one of the most popular singing bowl apps ever. Notable not only for its functionality, the outstanding audio quality stands out. The recording of the sounds was done in an especially elaborate manner and in collaboration with "Hess Klangkonzepte," Germany's leading experts on singing bowls.

The strong connection to sound is rooted not only in classical piano training. Already in the 1970s, inspired by Joachim Ernst Berendt and John Cage, Ralf Buttgereit began to experiment with electronic sounds and to write the first interactive sound programs.

Arrival, relaxation, and personal development. For Ralf Buttgereit, sound means much more than acoustics. In his daily mindfulness practice and meditation, he deliberately uses singing bowls and gongs. Collaborating with Peter Hess and training as a sound massage practitioner has deeply intensified the fascination with the world of singing bowls, thereby inspiring the development of bhol.