Sound that you feel above all

Sound is not just a pleasure to the ear, but the medium that connects us with the world, with ourselves, and with the here and now. We have designed and manufactured bhol to provide exactly that kind of sound experience. We call this: The sound of now.

Nuanced and powerful

The patented bhol striking system operates almost silently. It guides the mallet through several phases of movement to achieve the perfect striking force at the moment of contact. The impulse force can be individually adjusted. The precise control elicits the finest sound nuances from the singing bowl. The powerful 27-Ncm drive is also designed to stimulate the low frequencies.


Extra long decay times

A special freewheeling phase in the strike ensures the immediate rebound of the mallet. The vibrations of the singing bowl can unfold unhindered, addressing the full frequency range of the bowl, and decay times of over 2 minutes are possible. The volume is adjustable in 12 levels. Perfect for focusing and immersing in soothing sound experiences.


Sound precision down to the last detail

Uncompromising quality in each component and technical refinements support the authentic bhol sound.

  • The entire acoustic device is mounted on high-quality Oehlbach HiFi resonance dampers.
  • The solid wood base plate contributes a characteristic 'warm' natural vibration.
  • The double-mounted drive motor and other high-quality electronic components operate silently and with maximum precision.
  • The interplay of mallet materials, speeds, and forces is calculated to replicate manual playing styles.